ABout Us

Bundaberg Steam Tramway Preservation Society officially started as an organisation in 1978, commenced passenger operations from the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens in November 1988
In late 2003 our trading name became ‘Australian Sugar Cane Railway’ (ASCR) which reflects what we are trying to achieve, that is to have as many fully working sugar cane steam locomotives as possible so the public can enjoy them into the future.

The ASCR is entirely maintained and operated by our team of dedicated Volunteer Rail Safety Workers who are members of the non-profit Bundaberg Steam Tramway Preservation Society (BSTPS).

The original 1 km long “Wallaville” track section is 610 mm (2 foot) gauge railway was constructed by BSTPS in 1986 with assistance from a Commonwealth Government CEP grant.
The Fairymead track extension was commenced in October 2006 and officially opened in January 2015 after several major setbacks including the Dec 2010  and Jan 2013 floods.